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Pyromeral’s proprietary ceramic matrices, known as PyroKarb, PyroSic, and PyroXide, originate from alumino-silicate-based geopolymeric systems. These offer high-temperature performance with low-temperature processing, and mechanical properties comparable to CMCs making them practical, cost-effective, and environmentally compliant solutions.

Pyromeral’s family of products can be targeted to achieve performance for your specific application.


PyroKarb finds its home in industries such as motorsports, aerospace, defense, naval, and automotive applications. It serves as a versatile choice, either as a metal replacement for weight reduction or as a thermal barrier to enable CFRP structures.

PyroKarb leverages our glass-ceramic matrix with high-modulus carbon fiber reinforcement. The exceptional features of PyroKarb include:

PyroKarb™ is approximately 40% lighter than aluminum and 80% lighter than steel.

PyroKarb™ brake heat shield


PyroSic represents an innovative solution for industries seeking high-temperature resistance without sacrificing weight or performance. It’s a versatile choice for those looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

This composite is built on our proprietary glass-ceramic matrix system, reinforced with silicon carbide fibers. Key highlights of PyroSic include:

PyroSic’s weight savings is 75% compared to steel and 60% compared to titanium.

PyroSic® exhaust manifold


PyroXide’s unique properties make it a valuable asset in the defense industry and the development of ultra-high-speed vehicles and ensuring safety in advanced air mobility vehicles. Its exceptional capabilities open doors to a wide range of applications.

PyroXide heralds a new era in oxide CMC materials. Developed in-house, PyroXide is built on Pyromeral’s proprietary oxide matrix, reinforced with aluminum oxide fibers. The exceptional features of PyroXide include:

PyroXide is 70% lighter than Inconel and stainless steels and over 45% lighter than titanium.

PyroXide®​ exhaust nozzle and mixer

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