Company History

Pyromeral Technology was established in 2023 as the stand-alone US headquarters of Pyromeral Systems to better serve customers in North America. Pyromeral Technology is located in Sunnyvale, California with full material prepreg production and part fabrication capabilities, bringing the benefits of our thermal management solutions to a wider range of customers and applications.

For over 35 years Pyromeral Systems, located in Barbery, France, has been at the forefront of developing innovative materials and composite parts to meet the challenges of high-temperature and fire-resistant applications.

Pyromeral Systems developed and introduced an entirely new generation of materials that bring the advantages of composites to the world of high temperatures. These proprietary ceramic matrices are derived from alumino-silicate-based geopolymeric systems and differ significantly from both organic polymers and conventional ceramic matrices in that they can be processed with a low temperature autoclave cure and one free standing post cure. This not only reduces lead times and complexity to produce high temperature composite parts, but also improves affordability.

Pyromeral's US headquarters and facility is in Sunnyvale, California.

At Pyromeral Technology, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge materials that resist elevated temperatures while offering substantial weight savings, thus enhancing the performance and efficiency of across the aerospace, defense, and industrial markets.

The proprietary glass-ceramic matrix used for PyroKarb and PyroSic was developed in 2000 and was followed in 2013 with the proprietary oxide-ceramic matrix used in PyroXide. This family of materials brings a lightweight and convenient alternative to metals and other materials for heat shields, ducts, and other components exposed to sustained temperatures between 350°F (177°C) and  1830°F (1000°C), and for short-term exposure well beyond those limits. Pyromeral materials bridge the thermal, structural, and cost gap between CFRPs and traditional CMCs.

Today, Pyromeral materials are used across a wide array of industries ranging from heat shields on Formula 1 race cars, supersonic and hypersonic fins and external skins in aerospace and defense, and battery thermal runaway protection and containment in the emerging advanced air mobility market.

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